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Customer Reviews

 “This place is absolutely phenomenal!! The food is unlike anything else in Tacoma!! Definitely a gem among marbles! I can’t go longer than two weeks without stopping in to see what their amazing chef Paco has come up with next! His dishes are so unique and delicious every time! And don’t leave without trying the cheesecake; it’s life changing!”

 “I wish I could leave 10 stars for this place! Viva Tacoma is absolutely wonderful! The service is fantastic and the food is incredible! I was so excited to see that Paco had opened up this restaurant! He is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to raw and vegan food and it shows in his unique dishes! I love that he’s taken common dishes and used his chef magic to create a healthy alternative. I had the macaroni and cheese Friday night and it was so good, I couldn’t even convince myself it wasn’t real cheese! And not everything at Viva is raw — they have hot stuff too! This is a must try if you live in the Tacoma area! Just around the corner off Proctor, behind Starbucks! I will definitely be visiting often! So happy you guys are open now!!!”

 “Oh my gosh! I’m so happy I found this place! It’s sooooo good! I will be coming back here many many times! Wow! I’m starting to love being Vegan!”

  “Stumbled in for breakfast this morning, half by accident, and we’re so glad we stayed! The food was fantastic- excellent execution, perfect seasoning, and ideal portion size. It should be mentioned that we’re omnivores and I was a fine dining chef, so we’re maybe even harder to impress than the average bear. We had the Mexican Scramble and the Breakfast Taco-mas- both equally fabulous. The chef/owner was personable and friendly, as was his employee. This place is a gem. We’re so stoked to have Viva as an option here in our neighborhood. Keep it up!”

  “Such good food, it’s ridiculous.”

  “AMAZING FOOD! Chef Paco is incredibly creative. We tried the pizza, mac & cheese, manacotti, enchilada, and coconut cheesecake, all of which were delicious. The mac & cheese, is the best vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/ dairy free pasta I have ever had. This is a new favorite. The enchiladas are definitely a great choice! Filling and so tasty. The flavors of the dishes are so full. And you can not go wrong with any of their desserts. So glad to see this place in Tacoma. It is a great healthy food choice!
I’m recommending Viva Tacoma to all of my friends!”

  “Excellent flavors.  The coconut curry soup, served cold, danced on my tongue.  The zucchini manicotti and raw enchiladas were superb. They just got their liquor license and having a good selection of organic wine and beer.”

 “Traveled from Enumclaw to try out Viva, so glad we did! We ordered the Mexican Scramble with a side of handmade corn tortillas and the Mac’N’Cheese with a Kale Tabouli Salad. DELICIOUS! Fresh, flavorful, and filling. Finished off with Peanut Butter Balls. So good. Looking forward to a return visit. Very friendly and helpful server. A quaint and clean restaurant.”

 “Love it!! The menu is amazing! So happy to have this place in Tacoma!!”

 “If I had noticed Viva sooner….saving myself many bad meals elsewhere. The location is a bit obscure as it’s in the back of the building, behind Subway and next to Starbucks. All-Vegan in Tacoma is largely not available, but sorely needed. This will be my go to place when I’m craving wholesome, flavorful, fresh vegan. I had the breakfast taco’s. Mmmm, the hand made blue corn tortillas that cradled the good scrambled tofu filling were delightful. They came with a side of lightly roasted/seasoned sweet potato chunks, which rounded the meal out to be just the right portion size to leave me satisfied without being overly full and not too little to leave me wanting. My daughter who is a no-meat/cheese gal is thrilled to hear Viva’s in the neighborhood and can’t wait to meet friends there when she’s back from Europe. I’ve got a few other menu items I’m eyeballing for my next few visits…Yay for Viva!”

 “Tried this place last night with my son and one of his former teachers. LOVED it!!! This place is a goldmine.”


  “Wonderful atmosphere, diverse menu that is healthy and oh so tasty. Viva is a VERY welcome addition to the Tacoma food scene!”

 “Finding people who truly care about the food they are providing for us that goes beyond just “taste and show” to actually provide us with wonderful nourishment and vitality is a rarity. That said, the food was exceptionally flavorful, beautiful, and the service was personable and friendly.(They even use cucumber infused water-what a delight!) I’m excited to see what else Chef Paco comes up with in the near future as he continues to define his bold flavors and varietal party parades for the palette. While the restaurant is a titch tricky to find, this small detail simply adds to it’s allure. The location feels slightly set apart from it all, yet is located smack dab in the heart of one of the healthiest neighborhoods in Tacoma. We have already recommended Viva to many friends who are excited to come check it out. Best of luck, Viva, not that you’ll need it.”

  “All I have to say is WOW!  Fabulous creative food  No matter what you eat!”

 “Absolutely incredible food! Everything is delicious here including desserts. And you absolutely must try the mac & cashew-cheese. The creamiest, richest, most yummy thing ever.
You will not be sorry if you stop in at Viva…bring friends so you can all share different plates and get a taste of everything. Especially the desserts :)”

  “So glad I had lunch here on Friday! The food was fantastic, both in taste and appeal! I had the zucchini mancotti. Delicious! And the peanut butter balls for dessert were to die for! Loved everything about this place. This place is here to stay – and grow!”

 “We had our first vegan…..Viva experience on Saturday, November 1st. I wanted to treat my daughter and my son to lunch and had been wanting to try Viva Tacoma – Vegan Cuisine ever since i had heard about it. We like to eat healthy but my son – Jay – takes it too a whole different level than his sister and I. He will not eat out…..ever…….he only eats what he prepares……he wants everything healthy…….so getting him sold on going to eat at Viva only came about after he researched what they had to say….fresh…..vegan……..and all that. We get there and the place is busy!!!! We were quickly seated and with menues in-hand tried to decide what we wanted. The gracious couple next to us recommended the hot soup of the day -which we ordered and shared…..and we ordered the sampler appetizer along with the enchiladas for Jay and Kareen then I had the burger with kale chips….plus we topped everything off with the marble cheesecake (Again recommended by the couple at the next table)! !!!!! It was all sooooo amazingly yummy…..we are sold on this being our new family outing restaurant. I wanted to experience a vegan restaurant but had fully expected to not like something….but the taste, textures, and presentation was by far the best experince i have ever had. Both Jay and Kareen loved everything too…….we left nothing on our plates….it was almost embarrassing. …..we will be returning…..SOON!!”

  “The food is consistently delicious every time I have been here! The chef is also very accommodating with my dietary needs, to the point of altering how items are usually served! I am so glad this place is here!!!”

  “Yum!! Brought in my daughter who has gluten allergies, and my son in law who is not much on veggies but played along. We had a scrumptious meal and dessert – raw enchiladas, walnut meat tacos (soo good), pizza#1, and hummus platter and brownie ala mode . I bought crackers to take home! Loved it All. I WILL BE BACK!!”

  “Had the portobella and tofu tacos today, and they were magnificent. The textures and flavor were wonderfully balanced, filling to boot!”

  “Went here for breakfast, Loved the menu and enjoyed the wonderful full flavored raw food. Husband wanted to go back for dinner. Staff was friendly service was fast.  water infused with cucumber was amazing not to mention the coffee and choice of cream. Amazing will defiantly be back soon”

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